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What You Want

Quality, Caring Teachers

I want my child to be in a child care setting where my child is watched and instructed by trustworthy people who love children. They should be patient, kind and gentle. They should be trained and certified to be competent to both teach and care for my child’s safety and well-being.


Teacher/Child Ratio

I want the ratio of teacher to child to be small enough that my child receives consistent attention and supervision. I want my child to feel loved and to feel “special.”



I want to be able to talk to someone at the center about my child at any time. I want reports on a regular basis about my child’s progress, behavior and socialization. I want the opportunity to offer feedback through an annual Parent Survey and I want to be involved with my child’s development every step of the way.



I want to feel assured that my child is safe and that the center itself poses no undue risk. The personnel must be trained to care for children. There must be rules and procedures in place to keep track of the children. I want to have peace of mind every time I leave my child.


Quality of Center

I want the center/school to be warm and inviting, in good repair and condition, and conducive to a good learning environment. There should be a variety of activities to give my child a well-rounded preschool experience (learning centers, playground, library, educational toys, curriculum, arts and crafts, etc.).


Learning vs. “Just Playing”

I want a quality child care center where my child will actually learn during his or her day. I do not want a “babysitting” or “daycare” service. There should be a detailed curriculum posted, and I want to receive reports on my child’s progress. The teachers must be trained to teach my child. I want my child to be confident and prepared for elementary school.


Health and Diet

I want the center to offer a variety of healthy foods to my child. The food should taste good, should be available periodically throughout the day, should vary day to day and should be healthy. I want my child to actually “like” the food, so that he or she will actually “eat” the food. I want my child to experience daily physical activities.


Convenience of Location

I want a center/preschool that is open year-round, with a location convenient to either my home or my work. I want access to drop in to visit my child during his or her day.


Before & After Hours Availability

I want a center with extended hours so that I can drop off my child early or pick him/her up late, when necessary. When my child graduates to elementary school, I want him/her to have a safe, supervised and fun place to go, before and after school, and on school breaks.



I want to pay a fair, competitive amount of money for my child’s care and education. I want to be informed of all fees ahead of time so that I am not surprised by any “hidden” charges.